mumei publishing

 With Ryoko Akama, I co-run mumei publishing, an independent publisher of text-sound. We have published reductive journal since 2014 (renamed mumei journal from FIVE onwards) and monographs that concern text-sound perceptions.

Contributors include: Tsunoda Toshiya, Sarah Hughes, Christine Sun Kim, Jurg Frey, Manfred Werder, Daniela Cascella, Taku Sugimoto, lo wie, Audra Wolowiec, among many others


Text Scores:

the sound of objects helps me remember: text scores for performers and objects (2017)


Guest editor: Sound American Issue 17: mumei presents Networks of Listening 2017

what remains... performing traces in the works of lo wie and audra wolowiec 
Glissando # 29, The conceptualism Issue. 2017 English Version

(Re-)Contextualizing Meaning with Physical and Sonic Objects in the work of Hanna Hartman 
EMS14 Sound Art Conference, Berlin, Germany 2014  //  Frasch_Hartman_Aug2014

Connecting Form and Body: Composing with micro-bodily movements and unstable sounds2014
Karlsruhe, Germany 2014

Exploring Ideas and Issues of “Aliveness” in Real-Time Composing
ORCiM, the Orpheus Research Institute in Music, Ghent, Belgium  2013

Engaging and Exploring Sound through the Physicality of an Instrument
Music and/as Process Conference, Huddersfield University, UK 2013

Sense Boxes:  Exploring Tactility in Sound
Noise Conference, Huddersfield University, UK 2013

Augmenting the Flute: Linking Physical and Sonic Gestures
University of CA, Berkeley, CA 2010

Micro-gestures: A new intimacy with movement
University of CA, Berkeley, New Media Dept, CA 2009